A hat and a cigarette

A portrait of a friend by Muhammad Moneimné.


Les Nobels de Points

For this new collection of classics, "Points" - the french publishing house - challenged the graphic students of ENSAD (École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs) to create new creative visuals to illustrate the covers. Lebanese illustrator Sandra Ghosn is among the 6 winners and she will see her work published for "De l’aube au crépuscule" by Rabindranath TAGORE and "La pianiste" by Elfriede JELINEK.



It seems Lebanese illustrator Nisrine Sarkis is working on new children's books in arabic for Asala publishers.



A world of fantasy created by Lebanese illustrator Muhammad Moneimné.


Elections, Beijing style

"After the Beijing Olympics, back to our local sports page..."
" Election's ballot box"
Al Akhbar newspaper. Issue of the 21st of August 2008. A caricature by Lebanese illustrator Christiane Boustani.


Bilal Bassal

Bilal Bassal began his career as a cartoonist and illustrator since 1992 in Beirut. After getting his master in the Fine Arts from the National Institute of Fine Arts in the Lebanese University, he left the country to live and work in Paris. He also studied music at the National Conservatory of Music when he was in Lebanon.
Bassal is currently working in the field of children's illustration and has many projects on the run.


I wish I was...

"Ahloumou an akoun", a children's book by author Abeer Ballan and fully illustrated by Angela Nurpetlian. Published by Kalemat, Dubai.
Colorful and happy images; light and aerial compositions; surprisingly playful interpretations of the text...


The Adventures of Aluminum Hagop

By Vartan Avakian, "The Adventures of Aluminum Hagop" is an Arabic science fiction comic, based on an Armenian series published under the name Hagop Aluminum. After 13 Armenian issues, the series was revived in Arabic.
Above (left to right): Ghassan Halwani, Ghassan Halwani, Ghadi Ghosn, Fouad Mezher.
Information found on Arte East.



Collage and painting by illustrator Jo Baaklini.



"le misérable" is a cartoon and illustration magazine launched by Ghadi Ghosn and Ralph Doumit. The first issue of the fanzine was out by the end of December and... THE SECOND ISSUE WILL BE OUT TODAY!!! This new issue is having more Lebanese contributors: Farah Nehme and Amandine Brenas in addition to French cartoonists Tifenn and Jzef.
Grab your second issue of "Le miserable" at Librairie Antoine sassine, La CDtheque and Librairie El Bourj.


Marinero pesado

Subtle colors and light brush strokes. An aquarelle on paper by Lebanese illustrator Karen Klink.


Bambi mush

Digital photo-montage by designer Gabriel Ferneine found on his blog Beirutgrafff. Freaky!


Flying or floating?

Pastels and acrylics on aper for this illustration by Lebanese illustrator Danielle Kattar.


Ink Blot Girls

Pin up girls on Chinese paper by young illustrator and animator Hanna Abi Hanna.


Whisky Bar

Painting, stitching and collage for this painting by Lebanese artist Lamia Ziade. Ziade left Beirut and moved to Paris when she was 18 to study graphic art at Penninghen. She is now a renowned artist and designer.


Bird lady

Collage by Lebanese illustrator Karim Al Dahdah.


Toufic Khairallah

Toufic Khairallah is young Lebanese illustrator currently living and working in Lebanon. Winner of last year's "Illustrate for the youth" contest (organized by the Lebanese ministry of culture and "la maison du livre"). Khairallah is an ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts) graduate in Illustration.
Above an illustration entitled "Putain de manque".