"With and without heads"

"Chi bi ras, Chi bala ras", a poster and postcards set by Deborah Fares.
Theme: "The head". 33 hilarious illustrations about head situations or sayings.


Al akhbar

Graffiti is suddenly flourishing in Beirut.
Here is an unsigned stencil graffiti in Ashrafieh, Beirut.
It says "the news" in arabic, meaning the news bulletin.
A normal reaction to the Lebanese political crisis nowadays,
and people being glued to their television screens.


big eyes, no mouth

Stencil graffiti on the street of Badaro, Beirut.


Beyrouth, juillet-aout 2006

Published at "l'Association" in 2007, "Côtelette" collection.
During the july war of Israel over Lebanon, Mazen Kerbaj did not stop drawing. "Beyrouth, juillet-aout 2006" gathered those war impressions.