Illustrating for Miyake

Lamia Ziadé's illustration print for Issey Miyake's 2001 winter collection.


Count my toes

"The hedgehogs" by illustrator and animator Michel Dani, designed for the post production house he's currently working for, Hedgehog Post Production.
Long live Photoshop!


Modca generation

"Modca" by artist Rafic Majzoub, found on Arte East.


Angela Nurpetlian

Angela Nurpetlian is a young Lebanese illustrator and musician graduated from ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts) in illustration. She also worked as a freelancer on various illustration jobs for children's books and textbooks.
Above is an academic work illustrating Carroll Lewis's famous tale, Alice in wonderland.


Late (un)wishes

Mazen Kerbaj wishes us a year that does not repeat itself! With "words" he heard here and there during this difficult year Lebanon endured.



Habib Feghali for Zerooo magazine, a Lebanese satirical publication from the late 90's.


Joelle Achkar

Joelle Achkar is an ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts) graduate in illustration.
Her first book "Faits et méfaits" was co-financed by the SILEX cultural association.
Above are visuals from an academic work illustrating "Wang-Fô", a novel by Marguerite Yourcenar.


Bahige Jaroudi

Bahige Jaroudi is a Lebanese American University graduate. Jaroudi is now a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living and working in lebanon. Above is an academic work portraying the Lebanese young generation.


Phoenician moods

Mug, journal, buttons and magnets, inspired by the famous ancient Phoenician multicolored heads made in glass beads (4th–3rd century BC).
Designed by Joumana Medlej.


Oussama Mezher

Oussama Mezher is a Concordia University graduate in design and computation arts.
With freelance jobs in various fields, Mezher also illustrates for children's books and children's magazines such as "Touta Touta" and "Ahmad Magazine".
Above: "where is my ball", a children book published by Dar el Hadaek.


Chech bech!

Vector graphics really suits her!
"Bricabrac" by Lebanese illustrator Sirine Matta, found on her blog.



Face book profile pictures by graphic designer Josette Khalil.
Those are self portraits of course.



Furious letters by Zarifi Haidar Marin.



"Leopard Lady", mixed media illustration by Karim Aldahdah.


Elie Klimos

Lebanese illustrator Élie Klimos started creating comic books in 1974 and also worked as a children's book illustrator. He moved to Quebec due to the civil war in Lebanon and In 1992 he took over the artwork of the series "Timon des Blés" at Glénat publishers. He also created "Le Parfum des Cèdres" with scriptwriter Daniel Bardet for the same publishing house.


The things we read!

The "Lena-Merhej-style"!
Linked elliptical eyes, squarish heads, light colors, everyday
situations... and smart people?


It's lonely on the moon

"Elle est toute seule sur la lune" illustration by Danielle Kattar. This was created
during a workshop with Italian illustrator Eva Montanari.


Maya Fidawi

Maya Fidawi is the illustrator behind the satirical guides to the Lebanese:
"life's like that" and "life's even more like that" published at Turning Point.
Fidawi's amusing characters gives us a little insight into her sense of
observation and her subtle humour.