"Le conteur du Caire"

Passionate about movies and cinema, Rima Barrack takes a trip to Egypt in December 1995 to meet Egyptian film director Youssef Chahine. "Le conteur du Caire" is the tale of his trip. Short stories, unfinished tales, wanderings, impressions about Cairo...


Send my regards to your mum

Maher Diab's digital compositions drive us in a surreal world where words, photography, drawings and brush strokes mix.


This story goes...

...inside the brains of a classical contemporary artist; ...on the beach; ...in the skies of Lebanon; ...in Gemmayzeh; ...in the skies of Lebanon
Oh well, Mazen Kerbaj takes us once again on the twisted paths of our twisted society.


Maybe one day Beirut will love me back

"Her work is reactionary to the politics of her geographic region". Zena El khalil's impressive choice of collage materials is derived directly from her surroundings. Strass, glitter, keffieh, war pictures, plastic and beads grow on the tips of her fingers.
Zena El Khalil will soon exhibit her new work at The Flawless Gallery in London.


Pink Pasha

Saud Boksmati
, a Lebanese illustrator based in Toronto seems to be still haunted by visions of Lebanon back in the 50's.


What The F@#$ !

Lebanese illustrator Jo Baaklini will always surprise us with his natural ability to sketch, crosshatch and render his thoughts!



New illustration experiments by Angela Nurpetlian for this book about watermelon love!
Written by Sana Shabani and published by Assala publishers.


...Guts out

Dark visions are haunting Jad Sarout's head. Expressive strokes with little detail seem to be what makes his style unique.



Continuous lines and spontaneous clear strokes for this sketch by Cynthia Merhej.



Happy happy aerial world for this "pup" by Maher Diab.


The klinks

A trip in the maze of her mind; red ink doodles by illustrator Karen Klink. She is a young Lebanese illustrator currently living and working in Barcelona.


"Le baiser"

"The kiss", academic short animation film by Chadi Aoun created in 2005. This short took part in many film and animation festivals in Lebanon, including the "..né.à Beyrouth" film festival.


"...where to?"

Abu Uchuu
, the main character of those comic strips, is a taxi driver in Beirut a thousand years in the future. Created by Lebanese illustrator Omar Khoury, this introduction page to the comic story takes us in a maze-like outerspace made out of familiar objects, words and expressions.
Information found on Arte East.


Barrack Rima

Barrack Rima is a Lebanese illustrator living in Belgium since 1991. Studied illustration and comics at "l’Académie des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles"; and multimedia direction at "l’Institut des Arts de diffusion". Author of many comic albums, short films and documentaries.
Above is a sample of "The editors’ assembly" published in the last issue of Samandal magazine.
Information found on Arte East.


The incompetents

Ely Dagher illustrated this one of many front covers of "the incompetents" debut album.


Which T-Shirt?

She needs your input!
Illustrator Joumana Medlej is printing "Malaak" t-shirts! which one would you wear?



A graphic essay. Muriel Abi Chaker is looking for a visual style to work upon.


Streets of beirut

"Self Initiated Experimental book about the city, the streets and the environmental visual culture of Beirut". Collage visuals by artist and designer Tarek Atrissi.


Carlito in Dubai

The Carlito adventures illustrated by Sirine Matta.