Digestive tube

A series of typographic works by Nathalie Fallaha that represent Beirut city as a digestive tube, in reference to the different linguistic trends that constitute the core of the Lebanese Arabic spoken language.


Him, her & me

Traditional gouache illustration by Karim Aldahdah.


Gemmayze, Beirut

Comic board depicting the Torino Express pub in Gemmayze street, Beirut.
By lebanese illustrator Karen Klink.


Edgar Aho

Edgar Aho (1963-2003), studied interior architecture and then turned to illustration, comics and jazz music. He exhibited his work several times at the Angoulême International Comics Festival in France (1987, 1990 and 1991); in Bologna, Italy (1990) and in Egypt. Aho frequently collaborated with the daily newspapers "Al Safir" and "Al Nahar" before joining "Chech Bech" - the first Lebanese comic magazine in arabic - and the animation department of the Future Television. Edgar Aho was also one of the comic authors that participated in the "zerooo" Lebanese comic magazine.



The new headder image of Saud Boksmati's blog. A confident sketch and taste in colors.


Hassan Zahreddine

Hassan Zahreddine is a Lebanes artist and illustrator. A fine arts graduate from the Lebanese University of Beirut and from UQAM in Montreal. He works as an illustrator for many publishing houses and children magazines.


Woof woof ?

Meet "woofy" the little dog illustrated by Bahij Jaroudi for the Samir Editeur textbooks "ABC with woofy".


Ralph Doumit

Born in 1985, Ralph Doumit is a Lebanese illustrator presently living and studying in Beirut. Fascinated by comics since the age of 10, Doumit spends most of his time juggling with words, stories and comic balloons.
Above is a sample of "Le rêve de juin 2003" published in the comic Fanzine, Le misérable.



3D animation video clip directed and co-produced by Ban studio. Beirut Animation Network (Ban) is an animation studio that aims to promote Lebanese talents and Lebanese culture through digital art and animation.



- "no, i didn't think of the battleship moudammira"
A caricature by illustrator Lena Merhej in response to Washington's decision to deploy the USS Cole off Lebanon's coast.



Digital montage by Lebanese illustrator Maher Diab.



A sample of "Soldats" by Illustrator Ghadi Ghosn, published in the Lebanese comic Fanzine, Le miserable.


Beirut!... we missed ya!

Caricaturist Stavro Jabra provides daily caricatures for Al Balad Lebanese newspaper. Above is a satire in response to signs of a civil war showing again in Lebanon.



Postcard designed by Jana Traboulsi for the "typographic matchmaking project" using the BigVesta Arabic font.


Future Television

Today's caricature by Armand Homsi for the An-nahar Lebanese newspaper, in response to the Future TV station that was forced to close by Hezbollah on Friday, May 9.


No more!

Comic strip by Mazen Kerbaj published in the April issue of "L'orient Litteraire".


"Vies particulieres"

"Vies particulieres" (Particular lives) is the story of Lebanese transexual, Sonia. Illustrated by Joelle Achkar.


Abyssal "fish"

Deep-sea robotic creature tagged by "Fish" on the walls of Qarantina, Beirut. Those images were found on the "bombing beirut" facebook group. Enjoy.