Nazih & Wartan

Character design options for an educational TV campaign featuring 2 kids representing good and bad behavior by Habib Feghali.


The Ogre

And yet another illustration by Ralph Doumit who is a member
of the illustrators' collective "ogre and ogre".


The facts in the case on Mr.Valdemar

An animation by Bahij Jaroudi based on an Edgar Allan Poe short story.


Green land

Preliminary sketches for a "green land" by Mariam Yakan.
Yakan is a freelancer and illustrator graduated from A.U.B with a BFA in graphic design.


Arlequin or Pierrot

Unfinished drawing by Cynthia Merhej found on her blog: "Mon ours sait tout"


You kids!

New video for the Tania Saleh song: "Ya wled".
Illustrations and animations created by David Habchy.


Tree hugger

Front and back views of a monster and a tree by Zarifi Haidar Marine.


City by the sea

Illustrator Sinan Hallak is starting to develop a new taste for vector graphics that suits him well.


Cleo the hotel cat

"Cleo the hotel cat" is a beautifully illustrated book by Michele Standjofski. Colored ink on paper.
Written by Roseanne Khalaf and published at Dar Annahar in 2004.


Eating ogres

Can't hide the fact that Ghadi Ghosn has an extremely sharp eye when it comes to color palettes! Found on "Ogre and Ogre".


If you had a name...

Fashion Print illustrations for a menswear collection, by Timi Hayek.

Hinapatt series

Download desktop pictures designed by Joumana Medlej on her website: Cedar Seed.


Tea across the Mediterranean

Sketches by Youmna Habbouche found on her newly released blog "storm in the morning light".


Shinou Hayda?

Is Jo Baaklini getting better or what?!