Giant bunny

Aquarelle and layering of different media. An illustration by Joelle Achkar.


Daniel Georges

Daniel Georges graduated in 2002 from ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts) with a Master Degree in Architecture. A passion for comics and illustration reflects throughout his personal work. Poetic and emotional, George's sketches depict very personal feelings and situations.


Heart of The City

"Qalb el madina" (Heart of the city), a graphic novel fully illustrated by Lebanese illustrator Ghassan Halwani.
A poetic text by Nadine Touma, published at Dar Onboz.


Edgar the deer

Digitally enhanced illustration by Lebanese illustrator Saud Boksmati found on his blog.


Kimo is the man

Graffiti by young "Kimo" found on facebook group "bombing beirut".



Drawings by Lebanese artist Omar Fakhoury. Fakhoury is presently living and working in Lebanon. He is a video art and multimedia teacher at the National School of Fine Arts, Beirut Lebanon; and the USEK University (Université du Saint-Esprit, Kaslik).


I fly!

Acrylic on canvas for this illustration by Bilal Bassal.


Live with me

Digital tools and photo-montage are his friends. Maher Diab has developed a unique vision and sensibility throughout his illustration career. He obviously draws inspiration from common things that surround him, combining modern imagery with chimeric textures and colors to create very disturbing layouts.
Lots of poetry!


The lady, the bird and the cat

Muriel Abi Chaker is a Lebanese illustrator presently living and studying in Paris, France. She is to be graduated with a master in fine arts from "Université Paris VIII". Above is a sample of her personal work.


Seven + 7

"Seven + 7" a large children's book illustrated, or should we say painted, by Syrian illustrator Fadi Adleh.
A rhyming text by Nadine Touma published at Dar Onboz.



Illustrations for Louis Stevenson's story "The Island of Voices" by Lebanese illustrator Karen Klink.



Basic rules and tests for Lebanese and Israeli soldiers. Mainly, a satire of violence and injustice towards civilian victims. Drawings found on the "Leba-none blog" during the 2006 war over Lebanon.


July 2006

By illustrator Areej Mahmoud during the 2006 Israeli war over Lebanon.


My skin

Self portrait sketch by Lebanese illustrator Danielle Kattar featured in "Skin" fashion magazine.



Ink and acrylic on paper. Drawings by illustrator and artist Zeina el Khalil.


We, the colours

Watercolors and ink. Illustrations by Lebanese illustrator Lena Merhej.


"Beneath the rubber tree"

A short film by Hanna Abi Hanna, graduated with a Masters of Fine Art in Traditional Animation from the Acadmey of Art University in San Francisco . "Beneath the rubber tree" is his thesis project. Although it is not self narrative, it borrows several elements from his childhood in northern Lebanon.
"There's a lot more work to be done on it" as he says, and it looks incredible already.


Hadikat el hayawanat

Two CD albums for children, in Arabic, with songs each telling the story of a different animal by Paul Mattar. Both volumes feature illustrations and fold-out posters by illustrator Maya Majdalani.


A peek inside her head

Samples of Sandra Ghosn's sketchbook published on her "Flickr" page. Experimenting with black and white, textures, shadows, compositions and complex layouts, Ghosn's sketches reflects well her sense of contrast and visual equilibrium.