Stavro Jabra by Armand Homsi

Caricature drawing of Stavro Jabra, by Armand Homsi.


"Beirut" again as a graffiti

Graffiti besides Shams, The Sunflower Center in Tayouneh.
It seems that "Beirut" is becoming a trendy word to tag on the walls of the capital.




Last week was the launching of the first edition of Salamander Comics Magazine. Samandal is a group of passionate artists Omar Khouri, Tarek Nabaa, Hatem Imam, Lena Merhej, and Fadi Baki that are trying to make Lebanon catch on to comic book culture.
Published and distributed in Lebanon by xanadu*.


The tortoise and the hare

Booklets for TOYOTA Kuweit, illustrated by Wassim Maouad.


Those kids must choke

Illustrated by Yasmina Baz and designed by Yara Raffoul.
Here is the logo of "Those Kids Must Choke", a lebanese label of experimental music.


Scarab beetle in Beirut

A new stencil graffiti on the walls of Karantina, Beirut.


Jo Baaklini

Jo Baaklini is a young AUB student. check out his sketchblog!
He also has a page on Deviant art that is worth the look.



This morning on the "Al-Akhbar" website, a September 11 memoriam signed by Mazen.


Karim Al Dahdah

"b-balady" eggs promotional brochure illustrated by Karim Al Dahdah, for the world rehabilitation fund.
Karim Holds an MA in Advertising from the Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA), and an MA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Arts and Design, USA.


Tatiana Sabbagh

Lebanon A to Z: A Middle Eastern Mosaic, illustrated by Tatiana Sabbagh and published at "Publishing Works". A tour of Lebanon's history, geography, languages and religions. This book got the 2006 MEOC Honorable Mention award.