A manual for women

A manual for women illustrated by Danielle kattar.
Published by "In Concert" and "Dajij".


Beirut and graffiti

Those pictures are from photo beirut, a Lebanese photo blog.
The small character with the balloon was seen along Jeanne D'Arc street.
The stenciled women were seen in ain el mreisse. The arabic text
says: "there is no limits to my ambition".


Muriel Abi Chaker

Detail of poster designed and illustrated by Muriel Abi Chaker, part of a campaign to prevent from violence against children.Muriel Abi Chaker is a Lebanese illustrator presently living and studying in Paris, France.


Youth and healthy living

"Youth and healthy living" a pack of 13 booklets and a CD published by Arab Resource Collective.
Smartly illustrated by Wassim Maouad, these booklets discuss very taboo sexual issues.


Back to school!

Character illustration for a library postcard. Digitally illustrated
by Walid Nasrallah. Light, neat and well defined drawings have
been Walid's characteristics for some time now.


The most beautiful place on earth

A textbook illustrated by young Angela Nurpetlian.
This book is part of a new series for pre-school students; "Palmito".
Published by "Samir Editeur".


In Sarah's garden

"Dans le jardin de sarah". Children's book in digital watercolour-like technique.
Found on Emile Adaimy's website.

Black moods

Dark and deep colors for Habib Feghali's digital illustrations.
See more on his website!


Sandra Ghosn

Light colors and delicate shapes, digitally enhanced watercolor illustrations by Sandra Ghosn.
"Dame Nature" published by "Antoine", written by Tania Bonja Honein.


funny benoit

"...My artificial plant is dead. I forgot to pretend watering it!"
That was Benoit Debbane for "l'orient des copains".


Allah hand...

Mixed media compositions by Artist and illustrator Zena el Khalil.
Pink seems to be her signature color, and it sure works!