Mahmoud Kahil

Mahmoud Kahil was a Lebanese political cartoonist. Born in Tripoli, the early 1970's saw Mahmoud Kahil dedicate all his time to drawing editorial cartoons. He collaborated to many magazines and newspapers such as Monday Morning, The Daily Star, Asharq Al-Awsat, Arab News, Al-Majalla and Middle East International. Kahil sadly passed away on the 11th of February 2003.


Saud Boksmati

Saud Boksmati is a Lebanese illustrator and animator born in Jeddah in 1983. Graduated From Sheridan College's animation program in Toronto. He has successfully worked as a storyboard artist and design supervisor on various animated TV productions for companies such as Disney, Nelvana and The National Geographic. He is currently designing at House of Cool Studios in Toronto.



A fantasy world inspired by chemical compounds and atomic compositions.
"Love your world? Help phase out hydrofluorocarbons". An image by Maher Diab.


Moon, fish, frog, dragonfly, ...

Pages from 'The Frog'. A book to be published by Dar Onboz. Illustrations by Fadi Adleh, text by Nadine Touma.



"Artificial clouds", mixed medias on canvas by artist Joe Kesrouani.


Stavro Jabra by Emile Adaimy

A portrait of Stavro Jabra by animator and illustrator Emile Adaimy. Corel Painter can be a mighty weapon!



Ghadi Ghosn's first comic book in french. "Cri" is his senior project in illustration published at ALBA (Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts).


"Moubarat al hayawanat"

"A competition for animals" held at the forest's grand theater! A children's book by Roula Saade fully illustrated by Hiba Farran. The digitally enhanced collage style images gives every spread of this book a different mood!
Published at Assala.


B like Bee

A great way to learn the alphabet! A series by Sirine Matta.


L'Histoire de l'Orchestre des Siffleurs Chauves

"The story of the wistling bald orchestra" is Ralph Doumit's senior project in illustration from ALBA (Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts). Looks like someone was having fun!
The comic book is published by the university itself.


Memories from Lebanon

Gouache illustrations by Karim El Dahdah.


Minautore from the 90's

!990 graffiti on a wall in Achrafieh by "esteem" (Benoit Debbane) and "no pain" (Mazen Kerbaj). That wall, unfortunately, does not exist anymore.


Faits et mefaits

"Faits et Mefaits" is Joelle Achkar's Masters project in illustration from ALBA (Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts) collected into a book of illustrations recently published at Les éditions L'orient Le Jour. Throughout the pages, Achkar approached different media such as crayons, watercolor, ink or collage.


Studio Beirut

Round-headed characters for the studio Beirut website.
Illustrations and design by Pascale Hares.


Viva la resistance!

"Resistance" by Lena Merhej. Postcard for Khatt Fonts exhibition using the BigVesta Arabic font.



A graffiti by Kimo seen in Tripoli, Maarad area. You could check more of Kimo's work on facebook group "bombing beirut".


Toes, window, snow, bird, ...

"Today is a beautiful day" by Rasha Kahil for an illustration exhibition held at Nog Gallery, London.


"Les têtes d'Obu"

Hala Dabaji has a diploma in fine arts from “Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts” (Alba) and she is also the designer behind those "Obu" t-shirts. You can find her illustrations and designs at "Les têtes d'Obu" facebook group.


Zarifi Haidar Marin

Zarifi Haidar Marin is an architect by day and an illustrator by night.
She is also a heavy blogger and web user!


Come to me

Sandra Ghosn sure knows her colors and she draws without hesitation.


When angels rest

"kleiton the resting angel" by illustrator and graphic designer Salem Beiruti.