Deep sea

Aquarelle and collage, an illustration by Joelle Achkar found in her online "flickr" album.


Furn el Shebbak

A "falafel" style flash game, designed and programmed by Wixel studios, Lebanon. Furn el Shebbak is the name of a neighborhood in Beirut named after a famous "manakish furn" (bakery) there. The purpose of the "Furn el Shebbak" game is to please as much customers as possible, baking zaatar, jebneh, labneh or lahm ba'ajine manakish as quickly as possible! Extremely Lebanese characters with lots of typical Lebanese bakery details! A-d-d-i-c-t-i-v-e!


A happy bunny!

"Arnabon sa'aid" a children's song written by Fatmeh Sharafeddine and fully illustrated by Hiba Farran. Crayons followed by digital enhancements suits her well. Very light and colorful drawings for funny situations.
Published at Asala Publishers.


Ghassan Halwani

Ghassan Halwani was born in Beirut in 1979. He completed a master’s degree in marketing and advertising and then went to Paris to pursue a degree in photography and a bachelor’s degree in fine art. He has worked on children’s books as well as in Aeolian industries.
Above is an untitled work exhibited at the "XXVIIème Salon d'Automne" of Beirut, on march 2008. Mixed media on paper, 226 x 110 cm.



"Masked- with background", a mixed media illustration by Jo Baaklini found on his deviant art page.
You can also check Baaklini's blog for more of his work.


The EDUCATOR strikes again

Who is the Educator?
Above are samples of the second part of the comic series "The Educator", published in the Samandal comic magazine, issue 1.
By writer and illustrator Fouad Mezher. WE WANT MORE!


Karen Klink

Born in 1985 in Lebanon, Karen Klink is a young Lebanese illustrator currently living and working in Barcelona. Klink began studying Creative Advertising in Alba (Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts) and graduated by choosing Illustration and Comics as a focus. Her latest works are involved in site specific art and children books illustration.
Above, an illustration entitled "a hole in the globe".



New facebook profile pictures, illustrated by Yasmina Baz. Baz is an ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts) graduate, currently working and living in Beirut.



Illustration for one of the C.A.T. newsletter issues by Céline Khairallah.


Little Phoenician

Little Phoenician plush doll created and designed by Lebanese architect and illustrator Daniel Georges.


My best friend

"Sadiki al moufaddal" is the story of a friendship between a blind boy and a small girl. Written by Abeer Mezher and illustrated by Lebanese illustrator Oussama Mezher.
This book is published by Dar Al Hadaek.


No one belongs here more than you

A Royal College of Art illustration project by Lebanese illustrator and graphic designer Rasha Kahil.
Illustrations of 8 different short stories from Miranda July's book No One Belongs Here More Than You. A mixture of photography, illustration, and 3-D set design.


"Tuiles de Beyrouth"

An academic project by Marie-Joe Ayoub after completing her Master in Illustration at ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts). A compilation between full page illustrations and comic strips, "Tuiles de Beyrouth" is a tribute to the old houses of Beirut and a spotlight on Lebanon's architectural heritage.
Published at "Alba Editions".


Philosophy part1

A set by illustrator Habib Feghali on Lebanese philosophy for Zerooo magazine - a Lebanese satirical publication from the late 90's -.


Old Witch

Digital collage and 3D modeling by illustrator Gabriel Ferneine.



Sketched self portraits by Mazen Kerbaj. Getting drunk in Bratislava, Slovakia.


New president

Zarifi Haidar Marin is cheering for the newly elected Lebanese president.


Political tension

Laure Ghorayeb's assiduity in sketching the Lebanese present political situation.


Auto-stop to Beirut

A graffiti near Karantina, Beirut by young graffiti artist Raoul Mallat. Those photos are from facebook group "Bombing Beirut".