Male mermaid

Mixed media and digital collage, "Sirein sur mer" by illustrator Danielle Kattar found on her deviant art page.


Douma, the lebanese political game

Douma was released on the 13th of April, in memory of the beginning of the Lebanese civil war. A “street fighter” style flash game where you become the master, and the Lebanese political leaders are your puppets. Let the virtual battle begin!
Douma game is created by one of Wixel Studios' founders, Ziad Feghali.


There's a monster in the closet...

Textbook illustrated by Tatiana Sabbagh for the "Palmito" new series for pre-school students, published by "Samir Editeur".



Toufic Khairallah is the winner of the last year's "Illustrate for the youth" contest, organized by the Lebanese ministry of culture and "la maison du livre".
The theme of the contest was a Geha story.


Attracted by water

Illustrations by Oussama Mezher for the Lebanese famous children magazine "Touta Touta".


Talimans and ladies

Icons created by Joumana Medlej downloadable at "pixelgirl presents".


"L'utilisation maximum de la douceur"

A small book dedicated to sexual exploration, written by Vincent Ravalec and illustrated by Lamia ziade, published at Editions du Seuil


Hatem Imam

Hatem Imam was born in 1978. He graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from the American University of Beirut; and an MA in Fine Art from the University College for the Creative Arts. His work includes both print and digital media. He is one of the co-founders of Samandal comics magazine.
Above is a part of "Khkhkh", published in the first issue of Samandal magazine.


Lazy summer

Acrylic and paper by graphic designer and artist Randa Baki.



Digital "ram-fiti" (as he calls it) by designer Rami Naayem.


My name is... urgh... Sandra

Self portraits by Sandra Ghosn. Round shapes, flexible graphics, stretched features, contrasted yet light colors... she is definitely developing her own personal visual code.


Omar Khouri

Born in 1978 and graduated from Massachusetts College of Art with a major in illustration , Omar Khouri is the creator of the episodic "Salon Tarek Al Khurafi" comic published in Samandal Magazine, issue 0 and 1. After graduating, Omar worked as a storyboard artist for music videos in LA while developing his painting skills. Now Omar lives and works in Beirut.


Head garden

Minimal yet full of details, the stylish ink drawings of Zarifi Haidar Marin hits us again.


Aeolus, God of the winds

"If I was a God, I would be Aeolus", a sketch by Ralph Doumit found on his Blog "Le misérable".


Rika my Rika

Here is Benoit Debbane's latest illustration work. Sexy stuff indeed.


USA stories

Washington D.C. city guide written by Gregory Buchakjian and illustrated by Joelle Achkar for the Baron & Baron website.



Mixed media illustration found on the "snapshot" blog of Danielle Kattar.



Illustration by Hatem Imam and Raed Yassine published in Zawaya magazine in fall 2007.


The supermarket

Illustrated textbook by Angela Nurpetlian, written by Marwan Abdo-Hanna, published by Samir Editeur.



Visuals by Muriel Abi Chaker, found on the "Fann" facebook group.
Abi Chaker is starting to develop a vector style of her own with digital illustrations.
Above are a sample from "Hikayat Harhour" published by Ahlia (to the right); and a sample of
"Sésame" texbooks published by Samir Editeur (to the left).